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Posted by Gregg

EasyArmy.com Flames of War transition to Battlefront

As mentioned on the Battlefront web site, the Flames of War version of EasyArmy.com is transitioning to Battlefront Forces of War. I'm almost done with the changes, and this new site will be available soon. During the transition, the unlock function for lists has been turned off. PDF lists and some always unlocked book lists are still available to use, in addition to already unlocked lists.



Posted by Gregg

Hide book/pdf lists function

The ability to hide/show all the lists from specific books and PDFs has been added. Older books such as A Bridge to Far or PDFs such as Churchills in Italy can now be hidden from the "New Companies" and "Saved Companies" lists. Continue reading



Posted by Gregg

QRCode and direct list access added

QR Code and direct list access functionality have been added. To enable either for a list, the first step is to check the "Freeze List" box in the Options menu on the printout page. Continue reading
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08/30/14 - Indian Recce Squadron in Italy 1944 to 1945 PDF added.
07/14/14 - Vanatori de Munte PDF (late-war) points updated (artillery and AT guns)
07/07/14 - Red Bear - title changed to Red Bear (Revised) to reflect actual content. Page numbers updated to the revised version.
07/06/14 - Various program updates added. See the blog posts and forum posts.
03/20/14 - David has added a bunch of Italy scenarios to the Scenario finder. Also, 29th Infantry PDF has been updated.
03/09/14 - 29th Infantry Division Rifle Company PDF added.
02/21/14 - Hungarian Corp Troops (Under Review) PDF added.
02/09/14 - A-1H Skyraider added to Tour of Duty Free World Forces lists - Napalm and Cluster Bombs!
02/08/14 - PAVN Local Forces PDF added.

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